Tuesday, April 18, 2006

You people who live in Chicago or New York, you pay special attention. Today is the middle of April, and it is going to be 96 to 98 degrees, with humidity in the upper 80%. "Wrong" doesn't even begin to describe it. This is supposed to be SPRING, for crying out loud! I shudder to think about what "summer" will bring. But who'm I kidding? We skipped right over winter and went into pseudo-spring around January. Summer's gonna last from now till October.
People ask me why my mom is moving to Michigan, and I want to say, "They have these things called 'seasons' up there--she wants to know what that's like. She's almost forgotten."

And, yes, I realize that complaining about it does no good. The funny thing is, even after 20-some-odd years of living in Texas, I'm still taken aback by this kind of weather. I know it's coming, but every year the reality of it causes my whole being to wilt a little bit.

On a totally separate note, Angie wins the prize for most harrowing (and interesting) blog post. Read it. Then look at the following pictures. This is what happened to Angie's car (with her in it) about 8 or 9 years ago. She was going about 70 mph when one of the tires blew. The car flipped one and a half times and landed upside down. Unbelievably, she wasn't injured all that badly then, either. What, some scratches and a sprain? A headache? I don't fully remember, I just remember it wasn't nearly as bad as you'd suspect from looking at the pictures. Hey, Ang, ever seen the movie "Unbreakable"?


Angela said...

You've discovered my secret identity... Superwoman... But lets keep it on the downlow. Only fellow blogsters and blog addicts can know. ;-) And wow, I forgot how bad those pictures are. How did you find them so quickly?

Amy said...

I was able to find them because I also have super powers. No, no I don't. The pics are in an album of high school and early hovel pics, and I'd actually looked through it not too long ago.