Thursday, April 13, 2006


I've been inspired to blog more by reading past issues of Holly's blog (see "long-lost Holly" on the right).

How do people keep their houses clean? This is a serious question. I've been staying home for, what? almost two years now, and I don't think my entire house has ever been clean all at the same time. If the kitchen is clean, the living room is messy. If the living room is clean, the bathroom's dirty. If the bathroom's clean, hell must have frozen over. I think my main problem is that I live with 4 other people, and Abbey. As I'm cleaning one room, those other people are messing up another room. And it's not like I'm all that great at keeping up with housekeeping as it is. I'm too busy blogging, or reading other people's blogs. Or even working, like lately. More on that in a minute. The thing is, if I don't clean the kitchen every day, twice a day, then it doesn't stand a chance of staying clean. If I don't pick up the stuff from the living room at least three times a day, then it won't stay clean. And then the bathrooms, my bedroom, the girls' room, the laundry...it overwhelms me. And I've never been exactly consistent with my housework. I have very good intentions though. I even vacuumed today.

On to work. I've been copyediting the content of the website for the Waco chapter of Habitat for Humanity. I've really enjoyed it. I get lost in the work, in a good way. It's absolutely thrilling. To think that I can make money doing this (one day)! I'm still very green and have to look up a lot of things. But I have reference books--joy of joys! I get to look stuff up all I want! Only one with an editor's heart can understand how splendid that is.

Question: does anyone use firefox for their internet access? We just switched from IE, and I'm having a small but important problem. When I copy something from the internet (firefox), the formatting is lost when I paste it into Word. Ideas? Solutions? This has relevance to the work I've been doing. My temporary solution is to use IE when I'm working, and firefox for everything else, but that doesn't seem very efficient.

Now I must go clean the kitchen.

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LeBleuskysurfer said...

And you said you hadn't worked for two years! No way! I'm wore out just from reading about your day! Good to hear you found a variation in your extra work, lol, & such a noble one & that you enjoy it. Enjoy the post, merci.