Friday, February 24, 2006


The babies are upstairs AGAIN, about the 6th time in an hour. I should be up there right now, bringing them downstairs, but I can hear them, and they are laughing and talking, both of which are good signs that they're not choking on anything or hitting each other. I know I should be intimately involved in whatever it is they're doing, but I'm just not that kind of a parent (or caretaker). Feel free to be shocked. I just wanted to finish checking email and blogs--a task that should take only 15 minutes, and has taken an hour because of said babies. I'm not bitter, just a bit stubborn and determined.

I can hear things being dumped out. It's making a great banging, clashing noise, and quite a mess I'm sure. I guess I'll go intervene now. Halle and Chloe are going to be very unhappy about the state of their room when they get home from school...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're not "that" kind of caretaker. What a sure way to raise a passle of pansies! (Hey, it's better than another alliteration I could have tried...never mind. Try to forget I just said that.)

Anyway, hope you're having a great day despite the boisterous babies. (Or because of them?) Is it raining there too?

Angela said...

Ditto on the above comments regarding "that" kind of caretaker.