Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rare silence

It's quiet at my house. I've been reading blogs for a while, checking email, laughing at Bob as he climbs in my lap and stares at the computer screen. I need to fold laundry. I need to spend some time with the Lord. I need to work in my copyediting workbook. But I really wanted to blog--I've wanted to for several days now, but have had nothing "interesting" to say. So I figured I'd just tell you what's up, interesting or not.

I haven't had to cook dinner for two nights now, and it's been lovely. We had dinner with the Srirams on Tuesday and the Moores last night. It's been a breeze keeping my kitchen clean, and that's half my battle most days. I've also enjoyed having the evening "off", as it were, not having to prepare dinner and clean up after it.

I also realized I didn't "tag" anybody to do a weird things list, so, if you're reading this and are previously untagged or un-listed (you know what I mean), consider yourself tagged.

And, finally, some Christmas pictures (an idea shamelessly copied from Amanda's blog).

Christmas Eve at Nana's house.

Four generations--Aaron's granddad and mom, Aaron and Noah

Christmas Day at Gomi's

Aaron's having soooo much fun


Anonymous said...

I love the last picture of Aaron!

Also, we really enjoyed having y'all over. It felt like good old family time with one another.

Anonymous said...

Ok, too much of anything is never a good thing. Case in point: You are relieved not to have had to cook two nights in a row, while I fantasize of a life where I cook dinner two nights in a row. (wistful pause) Hmmmmm...

Brooke said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures!:)

Adam said...

"When one wants to blog, one should blog"
- Confucius