Thursday, January 12, 2006

5 Weird Things

Brooke tagged me to list 5 weird things about myself. I don't think she knew what she was asking for.

1. I have specific ways I eat certain foods. This one comes across as a little OCD and requires some explanation, because I do have reasons why I do the things I do, so bear with me.
a) Sandwiches with a crust, or hamburgers (not, like, a Subway sandwich) - I eat the outside, or crust, first. This rule doesn't necessitate strict following; I can eat parts of the middle before I've finished the outside, but the last several bites are ALWAYS from the middle. My reasoning is that the middle is where all the good stuff is, and you want your last bites to be the best.
b) Apples - I eat around the middle, then the top, then the bottom, then eat whatever's left of the "meat". I'm not sure if I ever eat the bottom part before the top, I haven't paid that much attention. The original reasoning was that I didn't like the peel as much as the inside part, and, again, the best part has to be eaten last. But it's really just more of a habit now. I do occasionally slice up my apple, and there's no specific way I have to eat it then.
c) Tacos - I start from one end, eat about halfway through, then eat from the other end. This way the last bite has all the good stuff in it.
d) Pie - This one is actually old, but since I'm on the subject, I thought I'd mention it to you. (My mom still gives me grief over it.) I used to eat my pie in segments. Like if I had a piece of lemon meringue pie, I'd eat the meringue first, then the filling, then the crust. This one defies all reasoning, because the filling is actually my favorite part of the pie. But I also couldn't bring myself to scrape the filling out of the pie so that I could eat the crust before the filling. But I just eat it all together now. Oh, well, I do sometimes eat the end of the crust halfway through so it's not the last thing I eat, but not all the time.
2. This one's related to the above, but not entirely. I don't like my foods to touch on my plate, unless I'm eating Mexican food, then it just doesn't matter. Juicy or runny foods (like fruit salad) often get quarantined to a separate dish from the main meal. I just don't want my pot roast tasting like fruit salad, and vice versa. I'm not entirely opposed to eating certain foods together--I'll sometimes dip my garlic bread in my spaghetti sauce. I just want it to be at MY discretion.
3. When I go to bed at night, all closet and/or bathroom doors that are in my bedroom must be shut. They don't have to be latched shut, but I shouldn't be able to see inside them. I don't want to be able to see a dark gaping hole when I'm laying in bed (lying in bed? I never got that one). This does not apply to the bedroom door, which can be left ajar. It's not that I'm afraid of the dark, I'm just afraid of what might be IN the dark.
4. I like to take the quickest, most direct route to wherever I'm going. If I realize that the way I'm going is even a little bit longer than another route, it bothers me. I don't develop an eye twitch, or break out in hives, it just peeves me. The only exception to this is if I'm trying to burn time or just driving around for fun.
5. Oh, another food one. If I am eating something sweet for breakfast, I drink milk. If I'm eating something with egg, meat, and/or cheese for breakfast, I drink juice. I WILL NOT drink juice with peanut butter, ever; it has to be milk (or water if we're out of milk). I will not drink milk with cheese toast in the morning, but I will drink milk with a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. I don't know why.

So, there you have it, 5 weird things about me. I sincerely hope you will all still claim me as your friend.


hoesayfina said...

Okay about #5:
I totally get the appropriate drink thing. I cannot stand people that don't sense the need to have specific beverages with specific meals. ie. peanut butter and jelly sandwhich always requires a glass of milk or soda with pizza.

but the one weird thing i did see is that you eat cheese toast for breakfast...what is that? i mean i can figure it out, but i have honestly never heard of "cheese toast".

Amy said...

Oh, how funny. Cheese toast is just something I grew up with. It is, just as the name suggests, toast with cheese on it (melted). I didn't even think about other people not knowing about cheese toast. =)

Brooke said...

sort of like a grilled cheese but not really?

don't think I've ever had it.

but, i have had cheese bread for dinner (the frozen ones you just heat up). same idea i guess.

Adam said...

It's good to see that you are weird too!

Amanda said...

For the record, I know what "cheese toast" is. Growing up, it was a snack-time staple. Recipe: put 1 slice cheese on top of 1 slice bread, place in toaster oven (cheese side up) & heat until cheese melts.

Amy said...

Yay!! Another cheese toaster!

Maria, you brought up another weird food thing of mine: appropriate pizza beverages. I like to drink chocolate milk with my pizza. NOT plain milk, chocolate milk. I like soda with it, too, but my preference is chocolate milk. Again, I don't know why.

hoesayfina said...

I do not think i can subsribe to drinking chocolate milk with pizza. I haven't tried it though, so i won't totally knock it. Afterall i do i enjoy the occassional McDonald's Chocolate Shake and French Fry combo...you know where you dip the fries in the shake and then eat them. Totally disgusting i used to make fun of a college roommate of mine until i tried them. Delicious.

Okay enough for now, perhaps i will fix my family cheese toast for breakfast....